For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Eph 2:10.  Love Your Neighbour as Yourself (LYNY) is a registered
society. It bloomed into existence with much prayer and deep conviction that Evangelism and Social Concern should go hand in hand. They are like two eyes. Evangelism is word of love and Social concern is deed of love. They are like two blades of a scissor or the two wings of a bird. This partnership is clearly seen in the public ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, who not only preached the gospel, but fed the hungry and healed the sick.LYNY is the heart cry of God, compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ, and effort of the Holy Spirit. It bloomed into existence with much prayer, deep concern by seeing the urgent need of the world. LYNY is committed to love God and to share His love to people. LYNY is ready to help the hopeless, helpless and homeless.  The entire Bible, from cover to cover if it is to be condensed into a single word, it would be LOVE. It is an expression of God. Except the love of God there is no other true love in this world. God said those who love me will obey my commandments. Those who obey my commandments will love me (Jn 14:5). As we know the commandments are loving God and loving our neighbor. We can’t say that we love God who is far away when we fail to love our neighbor. Every one of us is experiencing His extended love, but we are not sharing His love. We only can share God’s love with our actions because faith without actions is dead (James 2:26). Who Is Our Neighbor? A neighbor is one who is next door, who is hungry, who is homeless, who is helpless, who is hopeless, who is in need and who are abandoned. Love is a heavenly language, which can only be expressed by actions. Vision: To reach the Broken ,Forgotten , Neglected ,and Abused people with Unconditional Love of God and changing their Lives , giving them bright future and Hope.

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