Love Your Neighbor as Yourself




About Fouder




I am (Denny V Isaac) is the founder for Lyny Society.  Lyny means “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”.  It is registered non profit organization in India working for the poor and needy. 


I studied B.Sc.,B.Ed. Worked as a Teacher for few years and also worked as Medical Transcriptionist for few years.  As my dream is to serve the poor and needy I started Lyny in the year 2007.


I got married in 2008, my wife Beulah is with the same heart to serve the needy.  They are blessed with two sons. 


We are working with children and old age people. Presently we have a children home consist 25 girls to whom we are providing good food, education and cloths. We try to create a family atmosphere for the kids so that they grow in love and care. We celebrate every child’s birthday in which provided good food to all and dress and cake to the kid. We believe that the Lord has appointed us to serve the kids, which help us to treat them as our own kids. Our family members and 3 staff are voluntarily helping to train these children in the home.


The children whom we recruit are from different places and backgrounds of Andhra Pradesh.  Our vision is to provide good education for the neglected kids to stand on their own to come up in life. We take care of them till they settle.  Apart from the Children Home, we are helping to some of the girls for their college Education, helping to widows, helping to poor and needy.


As schooling is expensive, we started the school in 2008, for these children and to reach the slum children.  We are giving quality education for these children and all are studying well.  Total 7 teachers are working in the school.  At present we have 130 children in the school.  We are giving free education for these slum children . God willing we would like to provide one meal to all these children.


I was awarded as Seva Ratna in this year 2017 from Government of India National Integration Awards 2017. 


Thank you for your patience to read this big story.



Denny V Isaac,

President, LYNY India