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Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to volunteer, is this possible?


Yes, please contact us for details.


Can I visit Children Home?


Yes, you can visit but need to take prior permission.† No photography allowed.


How many children are there?


The Children Home is having 25 girl children.


Are all of the children "genuine" orphans? How do the children end up at the Children Home?


Yes, there are orphans, perhaps even a parent, but are surrendered to the Home when difficult circumstances dictate that they can no longer be cared for at home. A lot of the children come to the Home when one parent dies and the remaining parent is disabled or must go to work long hours so cannot look after the child. Several children have lost their family with severe diseases and accidents.


 How do you raise your money?


ďGodís grace is sufficient for us.† We do not receive any government grants, loans or funding support; funding is predominantly from voluntary donations. We rely on the support and goodwill of friends and families, Home visitors and volunteers. Their contributions allow us to pay for staff salaries, educational costs, equipment, and the many day-to-day expenses of caring for the children.