Love Your Neighbor as Yourself





Lyny Children Home

Lyny Model School

Helping Old age and Widowed

Women Empowerment

Community Development



Lyny Children Home:

We will meet the children spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs so that they will have bright future and hope. 












We are running an Orphanage for girl children as we know the girl children in India facing the gender bias problem. Presently, we have 25 girl children. The children came from different tribes and different parts of Andhra Pradesh. We are providing nutritious food, shelter and good education and also we are helping them to grow holistically i.e., physically, mentally, spiritually and socially in a family atmosphere. The Staff members are working for children and doing different kinds of activities for  feeding of the children.

Because the schooling is very expensive, we ourselves started a school for these children and to reach the local poor children. The children need your prayer every day.

Children are valuable, beautiful, good, important gifts from God with destiny and purpose. Every day, children are enjoying God’s presence.

“One who humbles himself as a little child will be great in the kingdom of heaven.“

“Who so shall receive one such little child in my name receives me.”

We learned many lessons from the children.  We understand that we are not the rulers, but we are the servants of God and the children. We are here to serve the children.  We, as the staff feels, that it’s a great privilege to serve these children. 


Lyny Model School:


As the Schooling is expensive we started school in 2008.  We are located in the slum area where the parents will not care for the children education.  We are counseling and encouraging them to the school.  We are providing English Medium education to the children.  At present we have 100 children in the school, as we don’t have sufficient place and resources we are unable to help more children.  There are Hundreds of children still going to the works with their parents. Help a child for Education.  As these are all poor children we are praying and planning to provide one meal everyday. 


Our staff are well educated and committed to serve these children


Independence Day Celebrations:


We celebrate Independence Day every year in Lyny Model School. We address the students highlighting the freedom struggle and the liberty enjoyed by us at present. Patriotic feelings were used in the minds of kids with stories on freedom fighters. We host the National Flag and We will distribute sweets to children and the general public gathered in the school grounds.




Helping Old age and Widowed



We are helping the Old age and Widowed by giving them food and clothes. We will visit the roadside destitute and give them food, clothes and blankets. 


Helping the Destitutes:


Lyny is working for the destitutes in the railway stations, bus stands and on the road side.  Conducting special programs for the destitutes, honoring them, giving food and blankets, etc., After counseling taking care for the destitute by giving food and shelter. Conducting Christmas program especially for Destitutes



Community Development


Lyny is helping the poor people with the help of some other organizations and helping them to live in a good houses and making them self-sufficient. Lyny is also helping the poor for their marriages and Hiv-Aids patients.  We will work in the communities to help them to meet their basic necessities.  We will empower the women and we will conduct different workshops for the women for their rights.  We will help them to be self sufficient. 







Women Empowerment:



World Women’s Day Programme:


The society observed the World Women’s Day on 8th march and every year we are celebrating the day in the slum areas.

This was also observed as a grand event with more than 200 women participants in the programme. The Society’s Women's wing and other activists will participated and deliberate the women’s issue and will highligh the women’s participation in the development of the mainstream economy.  The programme emphasizes and assures the women were

aware of their rights in the society. No more the women were treated as slaves and the problems overcoming dowry

harassments, violence against women and female infanticide will be highlights in the programmes. The women’s right to equal wages in unorganized sector will also highlight in the program. We will conduct some games for the women

and all the women  enjoys the event. We will encourage them by giving gifts on that special day.